My 24th Year

I’m thinking of getting this tattoo Saturday, for my birthday.  It seems simple, but it’s pretty symbolic.  It is a quote by Benjamin Franklin in Thomas Jefferson script in which he wrote the declaration of independence.  If you know how I feel about liberty and you understand the history and ideas behind Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin I think it makes sense.  I haven’t seen anyone else (or via Google search) found another tattoo like it.  I had to search the internet to find the font and I’ve had the quote in mind for a while.

This will be my first tattoo and generally I am against getting a tattoo unless it is something that really means something to you.  In this case, it’s not for vanity or to be “cool” just a symbol of my beliefs.  Kind of like someone getting a cross or something.  I’m interested to hear opinions.

In other news, you should really read THIS article!


7 thoughts on “My 24th Year

  1. jon

    Re: The ‘national internet’ (link) — pretty scary idea. Maybe I’m naive, but it doesn’t feel likely to me. (Famous last words?)

    1. Atticus Finch

      I think with the current SOPA legislation in progress this concept is closer to true than we think. The government would be hypothetically granted the power to effectively block websites they deem inappropriate – i.e.) pro terrorist/anti American websites and blogs) As we know – powers, once granted, are often abused and expanded beyond the original intended scope.

      Countries like China and N. Korea (and others) already filter what their citizens can access on the internet. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine typing in an anti US government url one day and the site being blocked.

      The internet is powerful because it spreads ideas that aren’t necessarily popular or “government approved”. This might be a good article for me to write later, so I’ll stop here… 🙂

    1. Atticus Finch

      Yeah, you might be right, but there’s something symbolic about getting your core belief permanently stamped on your body.

      I’m tattoo free as of now, so we’ll see if I chicken out or not…

      Thanks for the advice though – the pendant idea is a good one.


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