Working for the Devil

The last two days have consisted of commuting for 8 hours and working an 11 hour day. I have been at “training” (a.k.a indoctrination sessions) for a major client my company has just taken on. I am playing a team lead role for this juggernaut of a client and to be honest it’s going to be hell over the next three months.

For starters I am going to have to travel 8 hours each week to commute to the city in which my client is located. The client is also in an industry, which I hesitate to even mention from fear of getting dooced, that I believe is innately evil and greedy. I feel like I am going to be working for the devil for the next three months, but if I want to keep my family fed I should just shut up like a good little slave and continue to row the boat and serve my master accordingly.

The client is also everything a consultant hates. They have us on proverbial lock down like convicted kinder gardeners who has put glue in little Sara’s hair. We have been assigned corporate lap tops belonging to the client and corporate email accounts – which in itself is not unusual – however, we have been prohibited from using our cell phones on company grounds, using headphones, and we can’t take their laptops back to the hotel. This means the 11 or so hours of work I have to do has to be done on their time and in their facilities. That adds an uncomfortable wrinkle to the situation when you are used to taking a break or working from the hotel room.

All this bullshit to help an industry leader that I think is full of shit. On a positive note this assignment is what bullet points of accomplishment are made of on a resume. I’ll be helping manage a large group of slaves who will work tirelessly to serve the tyrant however we instruct them to. Also, the hotel is pretty nice. The expense policy is less than satisfactory, but when a client is paying your company 10 million + for three months work I guess you do what they tell you.

I guess I can’t complain too much as I am employed, but damn it this is some type of cruel and unusual punishment passed down by the Gods! The good news is that while I am forced to work for a company I dislike on moral principal I am in a unique position to ensure they are doing things right – and if they aren’t I plan to come down on them like a nuclear warhead showing no mercy on their pathetic souls!

So over the next couple of months I hope I’ll have a few interesting stories to share – a new city to explore – and maybe even a couple “legendary-stories” to add to the list from activities performed at company outings involving overworked slaves and free alcohol. Also, I’m reading a good book right now that has a few solid discussion points – more on that coming soon.


7 thoughts on “Working for the Devil

    1. Atticus Finch

      The job starts next week – I anticipate mostly digging through mounds of (boring) data to draw conclusions about the company. Most of the work is due to new(er) legislation passed down be the Obama administration and we are helping them sort through it. Kind of funny that government regulation (that I hate) for a company (that I hate) is paying my bills come next month… That’s why I feel like I’m working for the devil… We haven’t been fully briefed on the assignment yet.

      The lock down work environment and insight E’m likely to find are the more interesting points. More on the situation coming soon.

  1. jon

    Does the story include any personalities you have to deal with? (I ask, because when I think about office inside-drama accounts, like Madmen, some episodes of 30-something … I always enjoyed knowing about personalities – of course that may not be an important part of this story; either way I’ll tune in).

  2. jon

    I’m also thinking of how I could tell some funny stories about my work environment – i.e., personalities bumping against each other – if I hadn’t gone with my real name in the blog.

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