Top 11 posts of 2011

As you read this I am on my way to New Orleans, Louisiana to celebrate the New Years.  I’m staying a block off Bourbon Street in the French Quarter – hopefully I’ll do something worth writing about while I’m there.  Also, my newest book “Liberty Defined” by Ron Paul came in today so expect some good political debate resulting from that.  A few of the chapters include: Abortion, Capital Punishment, Empire, Education, Gun Control, Terrorism, Torture, Immigration, Zionism, and about 40 other great topics I have been begging to touch on.

In the mean time, while I’m enjoying a New Years vacation I figured I would compile 11 posts for 2011 that I think you should read (or re-read). See you in 2012!

1. ABORTION is a violation of PROPERTY RIGHTS: a logical appeal to pro-choice advocates
2. rights all intellectually honest, liberty loving, Americans should demand: GAY RIGHTS
3. An organization every intellectually honest American should question: THE FEDERAL RESERVE
4. We’re in a Depression, Not a Recession

Legendary-ish Stories:
5. Step 1: Unzip your pants
6. sorority party in college: POOH STEW
7. The Time I Danced with a Tranny

Religious Discussions:
8. why it’s so hard to say goodbye – to Religion
9. is religion becoming obsolete?

10. Photos of stuff looking “Down Hall”
11. Stuff I’ve Eaten

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