to all of my “loyal” readers

First of all, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for reading my dear old blog.  Its the comments I get here and there and the one or two regulars I see that really keep me going.  What I do here is a lot of discussion and talk about what I believe is the “truth” – whether it be about politics, religion, or whatever in life I find interesting at the time – but at the same time I think it is important to take a moment to reflect on all the good things out there.  Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Atheist, Naturalist, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Partier, Democrat, Socialist – or whatever – we can all pretty much agree that stopping for a moment and cherishing what’s important in life – what makes us happy – is what this short life of ours is all about.

So this holiday season – whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, or just sitting around with your family members who you think are idiots for celebrating anything at all remember to take a moment and just enjoy the time with family – no matter what it is that brought you all together.  Cherish the laughs you share, the good food you might eat, and that you care about each other enough to spend the weekend together.

Sometimes I spoil the holiday season for myself because I get caught up in ranting about and disliking the consumerist monster this time of year has become.  I hate the idea that buying gifts has become an expectation rather than an act of cherity – and it irks me even more that those who claim to be religious are all the more guilty of the scheme.  But allow me to stop right there – because despite my feelings – in the end I find the Christmas spirit for myself and look around and take a breath and remember to just enjoy my life for a minute.  You can only fight so hard, but what’s it all worth if you forget what you’re fighting for, right?

So no matter who you are or what you believe just remember to enjoy life, live, and love.

Happy holidays my friends!

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