End the War on Drugs – evidence we should consider

I have argued that we should legalize Drugs before and how the War on Drugs is currently failing, miserably.  Well what if we had proof that ending the war on drugs would work – well here you go! More proof the war on drugs is worthless.  I’m not making this stuff up folks.

1 thought on “End the War on Drugs – evidence we should consider

  1. Mark

    Weeeellll…. it’s probably worth a go, I’d say. At least, try it in your country and we’ll all watch… The caveat with this argument is that you are transposing the response of one culture onto an entirely different culture.

    The gun-control argument springs to mind: Switzerland has a higher gun-ownership per capita than the US but with hardly any (and until recently, virtually nil) gun crime. Why?? Well, there are of course, lots of variables between the two nations, but personally I think it’s largely cultural. They just don’t seem to use guns for violence. Much.

    So these 2 cultures behave completely differently given similar freedoms and controls.

    (Contrarily, the UK outlawed all handguns in 1997. Gun crime continued to rise year by year. Maybe this is a good argument for decriminalisation…)

    I share your belief that the ‘War’ on drugs isn’t working of course and I’m afraid that I don’t have any bright alternative ideas…

    I have no idea about the culture in Portugal and why decriminalisation worked for them. Whilst I don’t think it’s a given that the US would reap the same benefits, heck I’d love to see you guys try…


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