have a relaxing weekend

Last night I was having trouble sleeping so I grabbed my computer and decided to take a trip down the rabbit hole (YouTube) in hopes of finding something that would relax me. What immediately came to mind was those Bob Ross shows (see: joy of painting). I remember listening to his voice and literally falling asleep before the program was up. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything on YouTube much longer than a few minutes of Bob Ross, but there are numerous folks out there putting up some pretty relaxing stuff. So, if you are like me and need to relax, hopefully some of these videos might help you too.

On a side note, I found that with some of these videos actually watching the video was more relaxing than just listening to it.  For others, just sticking your headphones in is good enough. I was also kind of surprised at some of the things that relaxed me, so no judgement if it does nothing for you.

Good for listening:
Barry Eisen Hypnosis Session
Whisper Relaxation
Relaxing Sounds – Zen – Chinese Bamboo Flute with Nature Sounds
The sound of rain
Relaxing Rain On a Metal Roof
Nature Sound 15 – Sounds of Nature
Sound of a Haircut

Good for watching and listening:
Water, Pebbles, Shells & Hands soft spoken visualization relaxation (she as several good ones)
Drawing in Sand. Soothing sound of soft sand on paper
Shiny Little Planets (Soft Spoken)

Not as relaxing but beautiful and good for concentration:
Chill Out Relax Music – Wonderful Meditation Mantra – Guru Guru Waheguru

And one whisper for laughs:
Extremely relaxing whispering

4 thoughts on “have a relaxing weekend

  1. jon

    I’m listening to the Bamboo Flute w nature sounds in my office. I’m becoming zen. If I leave work today relaxed I’ll have you to thank.

    1. Atticus Finch

      To be honest, I have become obsessed with searching YouTube for relaxing stuff. I love the nature and zen sounds. Sometimes I put in headphones at work to relax a little.

      I hope it helps!


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