Bullshit of the day – Bachmann says she supports civil liberties

I ran across this video and it hit kind of close to home for me. We live in a fairly conservative community and unfortunately a lot of people are ignorant. (not because they are conservative, but because they are just ignorant) Anyways, last night my wife came home from work (she is a high school teacher) upset because a situation going on at her school.

A group of students organized a club called the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). Unfortunately, the principal didn’t approve and attempted to disband the group. Long story short lawyers were involved and the result was that all clubs with “philosophical beliefs” including groups like Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Young Republicans, Young Democrats, etc. can no longer receive funding or teacher support. The Principal’s ignorant actions really just hurt EVERYONE. Most of these organization will probably dissolve without funding and proper leadership.

This video is a joke. Michele Bachmann claims to be an advocate for “civil liberties”? I almost laughed out loud – nothing she supports is in support of civil liberties! (re: Bachmann supports Patriot Act, Bachmann on US citizen’s Assassination)  Also, what kind of  walk around answer is she giving here?  She supports the law, but not Gay rights?  She surely isn’t against supporting laws to “protect us from terrorist”.  I digress.

The Truth:

Some people disagree with gay marriages on principal due to religious or philosophical beliefs, but that shouldn’t matter when it comes to the law.  Christians, Muslims, and other believe it is a sin, thus the do not support it.  However, this too doesn’t matter.  We have seperation of church and state.  If the religious want to “not support” anything that is against their religion then technically they shouldn’t support alcohol, gambling, war, or even other religions – but no one is encouraging that.

Realistically, private relationships should be protected as a civil right.  If to adults want to get married, so be it.  Forty years ago people probably wanted to ban interracial marriages too – but times change.

In the meantime – listen to this great Englishman rant on the government.

8 thoughts on “Bullshit of the day – Bachmann says she supports civil liberties

  1. jon

    Really interesting post.

    I remember once hearing a debate on gay marriage in the U.S. House of Representatives. One of the congressman in support of allowing gay marriage said (humorously) “Why are people so worried about gay marriage? Everyone knows there’s no sex after marriage anyhow!”

  2. jon

    That’s some video. … a gay woman has the same right as a heterosexual woman. She has the same right to get married — to a man!

  3. Mark

    I’ll stick my head above this particular parapet or part of it anyway… Although comments to your other posts have failed…(?) Bet this one gets through though… 😉 The Christian stance on gay marriage is not as often portrayed. I don’t expect you to agree with it, but it’s worth being clear on exactly what the objection is and is not from the Christian standpoint.

    Marriage is defined by God as being between a man and a woman. It would be easier for us all if He’d made it wider but there it is. For a Christian, what God says is the highest authority. So from the Christian standpoint, the ‘issue’ about gay marriage is not about gay marriage at all – it’s simply one of hundreds of issues where Christians are being asked to go against God. You’re taking a core belief of someone’s faith (God is Sovereign) and telling them to renege on it. Like telling a Hindu they can be a Hindu but they have to eat beef now or telling a Muslim that they can follow Islam, but they must no longer pray. You wouldn’t get compliance. In the same way, you won’t get a Christian to agree to gay marriage. It’s not about sexuality at all.

    You mention the law. The issue for a Christian is when a law is passed that goes against what God says. Who is the higher authority? Actually, God is. So you won’t get Christians to agree with gay marriage even if you make it legal.

    As a Christian, this is a real heartbreaker. God loves people, period. Gay people included. Christians are to reach out to people with God’s love (yeah, I know most of us suck) and this just makes us look like bigots and homophobes.

    I watched the clip with Michelle Bachmann. To be honest, I don’t put too faith in politicians. I’m always hoping to be proved wrong though…

    For my part, my own brother is gay and I love him dearly. Gay marriage is a hugely emotive subject for him and something upon which we cannot agree. For gay people, these issues are at the heart of their acceptance and value as human beings. if you don’t accept gay marriage, it is interpreted as seeing them as sub-human, like your point about interracial marriage forty years ago. I value, love and accept my brother. We disagree on issues that are fundamental to us both, but we still love each other.

    1. Atticus Finch Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry your other comments haven’t gotten through – the spam filter automatically removes comments with links unless you have had an approved comment before. I never check the spam to see what’s in there, so I didn’t notice. I didn’t want you to think I was trying to censor you. 🙂

      Anyways, I definitely see what you are saying from the Christian perspective. My point is, however, that the Rule of Law in the United States is separation of church and state. As a political leader you have no right to prevent a personal relationship from coming to fruition (in this case gay marriage) for two of age consenting adults. According to the law, a person’s religious beliefs should have no baring when it comes to property rights. Just as pornography is protected by free speech and expression – it just so happens a lot of Christians like to masturbate.

      This rule of law is important. I’m guessing you wouldn’t want a Muslim or Satanist world view pushed on you, thus the law must operate outside of religous dogma – just as it was intended to do so by the founding fathers. For now, Christians are the majority, but that could change and Christians will appreciate the rule of law a lot more. If not for the status quo, Gay marriage should be legal and has no legal reason to be illegal (other than a minor technicality in wording).

      Thanks for the comment Mark – other opinions are always respected and welcome!

  4. mattsmithis

    My dad and I bicker over this all the time. For the life of me I can’t see where two people of the same sex marrying in anyway undermines MY beliefs. It’s legislating morality. We hear talk all the time of “free will” that God gives us. If God wanted to control people He would stop it. It’s not our job as Christians to make sure people don’t sin. We have enough trouble with that in our own lives. It is sin, but we’re talking about people who are, for the most part, not claiming any belief in God. If the church wants to pitch a fit it needs to pontificate against itself. It’s this idea of making people be something that they, at the core of their being, are not. The church has failed society by harping on sin when we should have been loving people. Jesus never called out the sinners. He always called out the religious.

    I will say this though. If a minister doesn’t want to perform a ceremony they should in no way be forced to or have any repercussions because of it. It is sin and we shouldn’t be forced to take part.

  5. Atticus Finch

    I always thought it was ironic that God never forced personal behavior on anyone, but the Government tries to force certain laws governing our personal behavior… Gay marriage has nothing to do with the Government.

    You said:
    “I will say this though. If a minister doesn’t want to perform a ceremony they should in no way be forced to or have any repercussions because of it. It is sin and we shouldn’t be forced to take part.”

    You are absolutely right. No one should be forced to take part in anything – a Jewish Rabbi isn’t forced to perform Christian marriages. I’m sure a Gay couple would have no problem finding someone willing to perform the ceremony and there is absolutely no reason a Minister or anyone else that finds Gay marriage immoral.

    Personally, I’m not sure that I would call Gay Marriage immoral though – as a Christian you call it sin – but outside of religion and the Bible saying so I can’t think of anything immoral about two men who love each other, consent to the relationship, and are normal tax paying Americans being immoral.


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