any blogs out there worth a damn?

I’ve been browsing blogs for about the last hour.  Really I’ve been just looking for a couple of interesting or new blogs that might be worth reading.  There are some hidden gems out there if you happen to be lucky enough to stumble upon them in the vastness of the internets.  Anyways, my search tonight was a massive failure – I didn’t find anything worth returning to – so I figured I would write something equally not worth reading and post it on my equally uninteresting blog…

Reading through various other personal blogs I did find a patern.  Most blogs are fairly negative in nature and most blogs are not updated.  The negativity doesn’t bother me – I think people often times need a place to vent or write down a few thoughts to clear their head.  That makes perfect sense to me – that’s exactly what I do.  The second thing, a lost blog, sitting out there hosted on some server and claimed by no one – those blogs do me no good.  I can’t return to a blog, or develop a relationship with, a blog/blogger that no longer exists.  I’m definitely guilty of neglecting my blog, but hopefully I can keep this one up for a while – blogging certainly seems more enjoyable when there is feedback – and that is only earned through regular updates.

Anyways, I guess this post is a call for help.  A call to expand my blogroll and find a few decent blogs/bloggers out there.  Anyways, anyone know of any smaller or lesser known blogs out there worth reading?  Feel free to spam the comments with good links.


5 thoughts on “any blogs out there worth a damn?

  1. jon

    A few months ago, I did a massive search for blogs I might like. I must have looked at 500 easy. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a blog I liked. Sometimes I guess a blog can grow on you (like music) – but most of the ones I found, I didn’t like. So the ones you end up liking are special finds.


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