sorry to put a damper on your holiday cheer

I hate the holidays, for the most part.  For some people that sounds crazy and they might even call me the Grinch, but I see the holiday season for what it really is.  I see the gaping hole in reality that everyone just ignores for a land of lollipops and rainbows.  I’ve seen past the happy go lucky bullshit that the media feeds you.  I see the Macy’s day parade and see an indoctrination of a whole new generation to feel good and buy products they associate with happiness.  I see family traditions based around consumerism rather than charity or even religion.  I see all this and others don’t – or refuse to and it disgust me!

My wife still clings to religion.  She was raised Catholic and still finds comfort in it.  She has even admitted to me before that she believes because “it makes her feel good.”  She doesn’t deny my logic, she is a very emotionally driven person – I’m almost all logic.  My point is I think that the holiday season is the same way.  Consumerist behavior has been pounded into most people’s life so hard that they equate buying gifts and spending money to happiness.  Lets be honest though, the holidays aren’t about generosity – how can it be generosity when it is an expected act?  Isn’t the act of giving more special when it is a random act of kindness?

In fact, if I were not to buy any gifts I would be punished by societal norms.  People would call me greedy, a Grinch, cheap!  Why?  Because I didn’t agree to the status quo and give the big corporations more of my hard earned dollars.  People expect gifts I am expected to give them – if I sway from the expected it is considered taboo.  That is not generosity – it is protecting yourself.

The holiday season has been ruined for me in a lot of ways.  I think it is the expectations.  It is one giant ad campaign and I hate that part of it.  Sure I enjoy spending time with my family, but the fact that shopping days such as “black Friday” have become unofficial official shopping days – and people actually but into it really, really bothers me.

Look – I’m not saying I hate every aspect of the holiday, but I am saying that this time of the year has really been spoiled.  Santa Clause is a marketing tool and Americans must be the only people on earth that complain about a high unemployment rate, debt, and the president – then skip the presidential debates, don’t vote, and add to their credit card debt buying shit for Christmas.  That’s hippocracy if I’ve ever seen it.


6 thoughts on “sorry to put a damper on your holiday cheer

    1. Atticus Finch

      Most of these folks probably do not make it to the polls, they just complain about the results afterwards… And by complain about “it”, I mean, complain about Obama 🙂

      Most of them still love good ole’ George “Dubya” though.

  1. jon

    Speaking of Obama and Dubya, I just saw the film “Ides of March” – a real cynical look at politics – I’m still depressed. Good film though.

  2. Jim Zee

    Don’t waste your time with Ides — far left propaganda at its worst.

    Re: Holidays — I’ll take Christmas advertising over the endless and useless debates anytime. Nothing matters until the end of the GOP convention.

    In fact, I’d rather be waterboarded with pig urine than ever see Newton TV again


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