the first time I smoked marijuana

I have smoked marijuana three times in my entire life, but I will never forget the first time.  I was in college and like most of the things I have done in life that I regret, I was a little drunk.  I remember heading back to a friends house who lived close to the bars, like we always did, to avoid paying for a taxi.  His room-mate was a connoisseur of cannabis  (among other substances) and offered us a few free puffs from his giant mega-bong.  I watched everyone else take a few puffs and after a while I succumbed to peer pressure – like a real man.

I remember putting the giant bong up to my mouth and inhaling for as long as I could.  I could feel the smoke burning in my lungs and I kept it in as long as I could.  I exhaled and everyone encouraged me to go again, immediately.  I did.  What seemed like seconds later I remember feeling like my head was going to explode.  I coughed uncontrollably and every cough made me higher.  I kept saying “this is why it’s called high, my head feels like a balloon”.  I went to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror and laughed uncontrollably for what seemed like an hour.  I was officially under the influence of marijuana.

After a while I finally settled down, but I was still drunk.  I’ll admit that the high felt great.  I hit the couch and that’s when it hit me.  Not from being high, but from being intoxicated.  The room started to spin and I had to run outside.  I puked up all of the delicious pizza I ate a few hours before, the greatest loss of the night.

I suppose that is what college is all about.  Doing stuff that makes your body hate you.  That, I did in scores.  I also felt dumb for the next 24hrs.  Maybe it was an mental exaggeration within myself, but I really felt dumb.  Literally mentally slow.  My reactions were slow and I remember thinking to myself – “I feel like a simpleton.”  The truth is – I was too drunk and too high – and all at the same time.  Lesson learned, the hard way.

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