The ole’ “I’m Thankful For” cliche’

You know I’m not much into the whole corny “I’m Thankful For” Thanksgiving day routine, but here I sit thinking of a few things I am actually thankful for.  I rant and discuss a lot of things that bother me about society and people, but in reality things are pretty good for me in particular.  I mean at least I have the freedom to write about those things without fear that someone will break down my door and kill me for my opinions.  (At least I don’t think I’m at risk of that)

I’m not starving to death – I’m more concerned about not over-eating and becoming a disgusting fat-ass over the holidays.  I’m not worried about my finances or having a job for the most part.  There are people, even in America, that are going hungry.  I am in good health so far and in general I’m not stressed out over life.  I’m young and well adjusted.  Really, what the hell do I have to complain about?  I was born a white male in America – that’s like winning the lottery 10 times in a row.  (Honestly, I guess that’s why I feel some obligation to rant and complain.  It’s like being so lucky gives me a greater responsibility to talk about and do something about the ills of society – if not me then who?)

I’m no activist, I’m not even that smart. I’m just fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity and for whatever reason the skill and desire to not waste at least a portion of the opportunity I have been given.  Even writing that statement is a big realization.  “I have the opportunity.”  Yep, I better not waste it.  I one fortunate bastard and if I waste this lottery winning ticket I’ve been given then I am one sorry bastard.

Anyways, if you are enjoying life this holiday season – don’t forget to sit down, enjoy the autumn leaves, enjoy the smiling faces of your family members (even the ones you almost hate), be happy you have the food to eat and brain to have thoughts, and remember not to take another day on this planet for granted.  Enjoy it and live life as fully as you can.


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