there is something to be learned from a personal blog

There is freedom in a personal blog.  There is artistic and whimsical freedom in having no rules and no guidelines.  For me, I even keep my blog anonymous – even to friends and family – which adds even more freedom.  By day I am a business guy.  Most of my work consists of putting on a professional face for clients.  I do not get many opportunities to express emotion or art – this blog provides an outlet for that or anything else I want to do.

People say that no one reads persona blogs and that’s fine.  There is something liberating when you just write and blog for yourself.  It’s kind of like keeping a public diary of all of your thoughts, but with much more flexibility.  Sometimes we even get lucky and someone from some other random walk of life will stop by and say “Hey, I relate.”

There is something kind of special about meeting someone that you almost surely would not have met or gotten to know without your blog.  Somehow you stumble upon this person and even become “internet friends”.  They may even know your inter-workings better than almost anyone.  Who else has the opportunity to read your unadulterated ramblings?

Reading personal blogs has taught me a lot about the nature of people.  We are all so different, but so similar too.  We all suffer from the same insecurities and problems – to one degree or another – but we all have subtle differences in the way we deal with them and in our lifestyles.  People are out there doing amazing things – some that inspire me to do amazing things too.

I read a few blogs where people have just dropped everything to live a dream, others are doing complex research with the human mind, some are Moms, and there are even folks like me – just writing.  My message is nothing special and mostly for me, but I take the time every once in a while to write.  Others are doing the same thing.  There is something special and telling about the fact that everyone from Soccer Moms, business men, and scientist all find it important enough to take time out of their life to create this art on the internet.

Periodically, I get a comment or two and even an email.  People discussing something I have written or want to tell me something really hit home with them.  It’s random and I never know what kind of response I’ll get, but in any case – thanks to those of you reading this and those of you who continue to read.  Someone chiming in every once in a while is a quiet reminder that the internet universe isn’t so big after all. Happy Blogging.


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