10,000 ft

When I first started flying I always wanted a window seat.  Not because it is more comforatable, but because I wanted to look out of the window the entire flight.  It just amazed me that I was thousands of feet above ground getting a view of the earth that no human had laid eyes on for 99% of mankind’s history.  In reality what I am witnessing is a unique opportunity for all mankind.  Now we just take it for granted, really.  In the spirit of realizing the greatness of the views from a plane I figured I would post a few of the photos I managed to steal from above 10,000 feet.

One thought on “10,000 ft

  1. Jon

    It is amazing to see the views from the airplane window. But nowadays, that’s been trumped by the aisle seat’s easy access to the bathroom. This is what it’s come down to for me.


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