Japan and NOLA

I have been planning a trip to Japan for the last few months. A friend of mine recently obtained an civilian contractor job in technology for the government and was stationed right outside Tokyo. This means I have a great reason to visit Japan and have a free place to stay.

The only problem was that two tickets to Japan round trip costs about $3500 (for coach!). Luckily, a friend of mine is a flight attendant for Delta airlines and mentioned she could get me a pair of buddy passes. So for about $350 (I have to pay taxes and fees) my wife and I will be flying to Tokyo in April. I’ll keep you updated on what I plan to do once I get there.

Also, I’m headed to New Orleans for New Years. Why? Because it is the biggest New Years party that serves alcohol at a reasonable rate on earth! Forget Times Square – that place is a mad house with no bathrooms or beverages. I love NOLA, especially the french quarter. I have visited the past three years in a row and its the one place my wife always begs me to go back to. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because she is an Artist. For a dirty, half destroyed city under sea level – that place is amazing.


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