Photos of stuff looking “Down Hall”

I don’t know what this photo technique is technically called, but I call it “down hall” because it reminds me of looking down a long hallway. Each photo is kind of looking down an alley, street, or city. This is probably my favorite kind of photo and I am often the dumb tourist in the middle of the road taking a picture because I want to get the right angle. I think they are gorgeous shots that captures a lot of character.

6 thoughts on “Photos of stuff looking “Down Hall”

  1. Jon

    Are these all from the same city? I was particularly curious about the left and right photos on the 3rd row. Where were they shot? You’re right- I like this type of (hallway) photo too.

  2. Atticus Finch

    Hi Jon,

    The first photo was taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the second photo you asked about was taken in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    The locations of the photos are San Juan, Puerto Rico – San Francisco, California – and New Orleans, Louisiana. I kind of grouped them together b/c there are some slight similarities in the colors and even some of the architecture…at least to my untrained eye…

  3. Jon

    Do you know, I was going to guess San Juan – but thought maybe it was a long shot. I visited there some years ago (for work) and fell in love with Old San Juan — I even fantasized about purchasing an apartment there (I don’t even own an apartment or home in the U.S.). I remember the colorful buildings and the Spanish architecture (colonization left some benefits). I have a photo from Old San Juan as my desktop wallpaper — and it’s a ‘down hall’ perspective looking down a narrow street that gives way to the sea.

    1. Atticus Finch

      Do you mean like this ( photo? It might me my favorite I took from Old San Juan. It really is a great place.

      I was talking to a few Canadian friends I met in San Francisco and they said if you like San Juan then you will LOVE Cuba. I haven’t been, but its on my to do list. Being an educator you could get over there pretty easily – you should try it! They said it’s like going back in time.

  4. Jon

    You’re right. I’d love to visit Cuba -for the music alone, and all the rest, including the warmth of the people from what I hear.

    Here’s my photo of old San Juan – similar to yours. I took a bunch of pictures when I was there (jeez, it could be 10 years ago). I don’t remember if this is one that I took (I like to think so) or one that I shamelessly lifted from the web.

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