Slave to the System

Everyone has probably heard the old cliche’ that we are “a slave to the system”, but it is utterly true. We follow the rules, sit in a giant pot of luke warm status quo – instead of being happy. Think about it. We have defined our happiness by a strict set of unwritten guidelines that govern out life. To be successful you will graduate college, you will buy a home, you will have a full time job, you will pay taxes, you will have children, you will get married, you will be a patriot – you will!

I’m not denouncing all of those thing and some of them are perfectly acceptable – IF that is what you want. What bothers me are the things specifically that I have fallen into. For example, I work at a nice corporate job for at least 40 hours a week. I do enjoy my job for the most part, but is it the happiest I could possibly be? What if I decided to drop everything and just travel for a year, two years, five years? What is I just lived day to day and maybe wrote a book or something. Who says I can and why am I afraid to do it?

Another thing I have done is bought a house. While I love my home it sometimes feels like just another constraint I put on myself that will ultimately imprison me and limit my freedom to choose an alternate lifestyle. It’s almost like all of the things we are “supposed to do” are the very things that tie us down from doing the things we have always dreamed of doing. Debt, house, car, children, careers – all in their own way limit our options and hinder our freedom – perhaps even limit our happiness – perhaps even contribute to our unhappiness.

Now, I am certainly NOT saying that I am unhappy. I am probably one of the most happy people I know, but it goes without saying that I wonder with frequency “what if”. I dream of just dropping everything and backpacking across the world with my wife and just living the experience. Maybe it’s a case of “grass is always greener” syndrome, but something about knowing what you want and doing just that in spite of the world I find liberating!

For now, I guess I’ll continue paying into the system. Slowly loosing my retirement in a ever weakening economy and 401k plan. I suppose I’ll keep on saving up my money and pay off my house until I virtually have no risk – and no choice – but to follow this pipe dream and travel/write/explore. I certainly can’t complain though – I have a full belly, a mind to think and realize these facts, and the desire to go against the grain – even if I’m just a weekend warrior for now… In the mean time, I’m going to keep living it up the best way I know how and fight the system from the inside – liberate the minds of corporate slaves one person at a time.


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