Thinking about Death

Yeah, it’s morbid, I admit. I was watching a movie the other night called “Golden Pond” – kind of a coming of age story for for dying… There is an old man named Norman who is 80 – he has lived a full life was a collegiate swimmer, and is kind of faced with the prospect of death. Which in turn, made me think about it.

Kind of a strange thought – one day I will be no more. I will not be on this planet. My conscious will no longer exist (or will it?) It’s kind of scary and kind of not all at once. It makes me sad to think about dying before my wife because I know that will be hard – I’ve seen other widows and I can see the pain. On the other hand, I won’t care – I’ll be gone.

I haven’t decided yet if there is an afterlife, but either way the thought is pretty amazing. I can definitely see why people turn to God or why the concept of a God and afterlife were invented (if they are not real). It is hard to accept that one will no longer exist, a consciousness that we have will no longer be in affect. We want to live – whether that’s from evolution or for some spiritual reason. Even the idea that my ghost will float around is in some ways better than nothing at all.

It really us the unknown that frightens most of us. What happens? Nothing? A new existence? There are about as many theories as possibilities on the subject. Religions have their say, scientist have an opinion, even science fiction writers have thrown in their what-if point of view. Funny thing is, I think that I am less concerned with myself and more concerned with the folks I’ll leave behind. For that reason, insurance companies will stay rich…

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