how yahoo answers proves people are fucked up

I did a quick search on Yahoo Answers and quickly screen printed the most recent questions submitted to the “family and relationships” portion of the site.  Well, I didn’t learn anything, but browsing the questions did further enforce my theory that mankind is fucked up.

I mean just look at some of these question topics.  “I’m cheating on my cousin, should I tell her?” Is the problem that you are cheating or that it is your cousin? FML.  “Am I abusing my little brother?” If you have to ask, the answer is yes!

I want to put this in perspective.  I didn’t wait until the questions were particularly insane, because they always are, I just randomly visited the site and wham – Jerry Springer gold. I really hope that I am wrong about how completely horrible mankind is.  I realize that this is a very specific and shitty slice of human beings, but dear lord, I hope these questions are jokes.

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