a few details about a blog no one reads

This Blog

This is purely mostly a personal blog.  I never expect anyone else to read too much of it.  Sometimes I kind of hope to gain a following of people who might post a few comments a get some good discussion going and other times I could care less.  The reality is no one really reads personal blogs and I rarely post anything that would entertain or interest anyone long enough to even read the entire entry.  I’m just a guy writing a blog, for free, somewhere on the internet?

Mostly this blog is for me.  It’s an ego thing, mostly, I guess.  No one knows I write here – not my wife and not my best friend.  I suppose there is some creative freedom in that.  I can be myself and reveal all of the most ignorant, shameful, and deepest/shallow thoughts and actions.  Sometimes I can even post something with a certain amount of integrity.  Most of the time I’m just writing a few thoughts as they come to me.   Other times I am obsessed with adding content.  I have no target audience and probably offer little advise or anything that might be useful to anyone.  In any case, I post this entry to say “Hi”.  “Hello there, reader.  Thanks for stopping by.”  Maybe you have had some of these same ideas, thoughts, or maybe you even find something interesting.  I apologize for punctuation and spelling errors.  I can’t afford an editor and I was never forced to study grammar.  If the content seems boring, sorry again.  I never really expect anyone to read this (although I appreciate those who do).

The Author

Well lets see, what can I reveal without being overly specific?

I am in my early mid 20’s.  I graduated from the University of Georgia.  I am an American and a white male.  I have no background in anything too interesting, but I work in IT/Business Consulting and I am a lifelong student of philosophy, economics, and politics.  I have a continuing expanding personal library on those very topics.  I am married and I enjoy travel.  I am constantly struggling with my faith – I guess am somewhere on the outskirts of Christianity, Spirituality, Buddhism, Atheism, or maybe something of my own.  Let’s just say my beliefs are still (de)evolving.  I believe in freedom, liberty, integrity, and property rights.  Mostly, I write to relax and get my thoughts out.  Other than these pathetic details you can learn pretty much everything you ever wanted to know and much more by reading this great blog. In the mean time I answer email here.

A brief history of BlogTruth

I started BlogTruth in 2006.  I had planned to document my college life.  I talked about everything, most of which I was ashamed of by the time I had finished writing about it.  Sometime around mid-2008, I became paranoid and ashamed that the content of this blog would somehow leak into my real life so I deleted about a years worth of content.  Approximately 5 minutes later I regretted that decision so much that I was frustrated to the point that BlogTruth sat untouched until December 2010.  I tossed around the idea to start blogging again and in March 2011, I stumbled upon my old blog – almost by chance and decided upon graduation of college I needed a place to write.  So I added a new header, and posted my first blog entry in almost three years.  Today, BlogTruth, for better or worse, is what you see in front of you.

A quick reference guide to where I’m coming from:

On Religion
My still evolving Political Philosophy
Stuff that I want to do


7 thoughts on “a few details about a blog no one reads

  1. JamieRene

    Atticus Finch is an all-time favorite character of mine. That alone would be reason enough for me to want to hear more of what you have to say. However, your “brief history” sounds so much like something I’d do that I laughed. Loudly. At work. Cheers to relatable experiences friend =D


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