Right, Wrong, & Property Rights

My sense of right and wrong comes from the basic idea of property rights.  That is: you can do anything that you want, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of another individual.  You can apply this to any situation and come out morally justified.  Examples:

1. Abortion – Abortion is wrong because by aborting and unborn child your actions are infringing on the rights of another individual, the child.

2. Drugs – Drugs are fine as long as they do not cause you to infringe on the rights of another individual.

  • For example, smoking marijuana or drinking a beer casually at home or in a bar is fine.  Smoking Marijuana or drinking and then driving home is wrong because you may get into a car accident, thus infringing on the rights of another individual.
  • Doing a drug that causes you to sell everything you own if fine, unless of course you have a family to support, which in turn you are infringing upon their rights.  (This isn’t recommended of course, I am simply saying from a legality stand point, it should not be prohibited.)

Thought:  Drugs should be reserved for adults as studies find that it may affect the development of the brain.  Also a child cannot always decide for themselves what is right or wrong for themselves.  So I believe if a consenting adult wants to partake in drugs and understands the consequences, it should not be illegal to do so.  Similarly to how we treat alcohol and cigarettes.

3. Sex – Sex of any nature should not be prohibited as long as it is between two consenting adults – true for all sexes and sexual preferences.

4. Gay Marriage – Gay marriage should be allowed.  Any relationship between and two consenting individuals should be allowed legally.  Any relationship that does not affect another individual’s rights should be completely legal.

Thought: In all of these arguments of course there are cases when an action could be wrong.  For example if you are cheating on your wife and you have previously agreed to be monogamous – that is wrong.  You have infringed on the rights of your spouse and broken a previous agreement.  If you do drugs, the same thing applies – who are you affecting, etc. etc.

However, all else being equal these types of activities should not be prohibited by law.

Think of all of the money that could be saved in useless bureaucracy regarding such activities – if we educated the population on the basic premise of property rights and adjusted the law accordingly.  Decisions in law could be decided accordingly and I believe much more in line with justice.

5. Social Program – Limited social programs are okay.  For example, funding for research activities and education are for the general well being of society.  Social programs used to build roads, pay for bridges and parks, and other public spaces are necessary.  In general, I think social programs for the disabled and poor are a good TEMPORARY solution for those individuals; however, government aid should not be seen as a permanent solution for individuals.

Welfare should be used temporarily to re-educate and basically see people through hard times.  There should be a time table for getting off of welfare programs (including food stamps, unemployment, etc.) and when necessary educational opportunities (such as for the disabled who are forced to change careers due to injury) to give everyone an opportunity to be productive citizens.

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