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My wife starts her first ever day of teaching highschool today.  This is the first time I have ever been nervous for someone other than myself.  Growing up my parents had surgeries and family had large event happen to them, but I was never nervous for them.  I was more nervous on my own first day of school than when someone would have a major life crisis, but today I feel nervous for my wife starting a new job.

I think she will do fine, I just hope there isn’t some little bastard kid in the class that wants to give teachers a hard time because Mommy and Daddy doesn’t show him/her enough attention.  It’s strange, I think I am more nervous than she is.

Ron Paul: the best President we may never have

If you do not know who Ron Paul is or his stance on the issues – you are missing an ideal opportunity to vote for a man who could change the country.

Here are a few quotes from his website I want to touch on.

“Dr. Paul is the leading spokesman in Washington for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies based on commodity-backed currency.”

“Dr. Paul consistently voted to lower or abolish federal taxes, spending, and regulation, and used his House seat to actively promote the return of government to its proper constitutional levels.”

“He continues to advocate a dramatic reduction in the size of the federal government and a return to constitutional principles.”

Limited Government: (What is limited government?).

My biggest problem with the government is manipulation.  No the manipulation of just the citizens of the United States, but rather the manipulation of the market.  Simple economics will tell you that “the invisible hand of the market” will set prices and ensure a thriving economy.  However, the government is constantly chopping of this hand.

The government does this by two principal ways (that I know of).

a. By injecting the market with useless worthless currency:

Our money is backed by nothing of value (except maybe the threat of violence).  So whenever the government want more money, they just create it – out of thin air.  This injection of currency often has a short term effect of boosting the economy, but in the long run simply devalues our money.  Think about it – if you had 1 Babe Ruth card how much would that be worth? A lot!  Now the government comes in and creates a trillion more – does the card hold it’s value?  No. Similarly, the government creates money – trillions of dollars – thus, this is one reason our currency devalues.  This in turn makes products more expensive and traveling abroad almost impossible.

b. By adjusting the Fed funds rate. (what the hell is the fed funds rate?)

Lets just leave it at, that basically the fed funds rate is the rate at which banks charge eachother to barrow money – this rate is set by the federal government.  A lower rate means that banks can lend more money to us, a higher rate means they lend less money.  So if the government sets an artificially low rate, the banks lend and artificially high amount of money (usually to people who can’t afford it, hints the housing boom and bust).

This rate should be decided by the free market based on who the best customers are – not manipulated by the government to artificially boost the economy!  In the end, it’s a house of cards and will all come tumbling down.  See what Ron Paul has to say.

Commodity-Backed Currency: (What is commodity- backed currency?)

As discussed our Government creates money out of thin air.  It is basically monopoly money.  That’s bad.  So to stop them from creating artificially valued money, we should return to a commodity backed currency.  Using a stable raw material as our commodity.

Take gold for example – it retains its value fairly well.  (Gold is expensive in terms of dollars, but in terms of itself, holds its value) So if we back our currency (meaning you can take your $10 and get x grams of gold from the bank) it limits how much currency the government can print – because they simply do not have the Gold to back it.  This in turn, hinders inflation caused by excess creation of currency. Here is a decent video.

how yahoo answers proves people are fucked up

I did a quick search on Yahoo Answers and quickly screen printed the most recent questions submitted to the “family and relationships” portion of the site.  Well, I didn’t learn anything, but browsing the questions did further enforce my theory that mankind is fucked up.

I mean just look at some of these question topics.  “I’m cheating on my cousin, should I tell her?” Is the problem that you are cheating or that it is your cousin? FML.  “Am I abusing my little brother?” If you have to ask, the answer is yes!

I want to put this in perspective.  I didn’t wait until the questions were particularly insane, because they always are, I just randomly visited the site and wham – Jerry Springer gold. I really hope that I am wrong about how completely horrible mankind is.  I realize that this is a very specific and shitty slice of human beings, but dear lord, I hope these questions are jokes.


Two nights ago I had an interesting dream that I think reveals some of the internal conflicts I am having with myself.  It’s a little fuzzy and the details I can not recall, but I remember having a conversation with a crowd of people.  Maybe in a classroom or something similar.  I do not think I know any of them.  Thinking back I do not recognize anyone present.  No, it was in a church!

We were singing church hymns, but I was not singing.  I felt angry at the people around me.  I felt like everything was a lie.  I was mad at myself for not believing.  I was scared and skeptical all at once.  I wanted to believe in God.  He was looking down on me right there, but i couldn’t do it.  I was angry because of it.  I was angry because all of these people could believe with no evidence and I couldn’t.  I had no faith.

I refused to sing the church hyms.  Looking back on the dream I think it was a symbol of defiance to God and religion.  A conflict within myself.  I couldn’t pretend to believe, so I couldn’t sing songs of worship to something or some-being.

My mind was racing and I was thinking all of the thoughts about how stupid religion is and how these people were ignorant.  I kept having flashes of the preachers convincing people they are possessed – when clearly they are just ignorant and have convinced themselves a demon is causing all of their problems.

Despite all of my resistance I couldn’t help but feel that something in my dream was watching me.  Maybe it was my own conciousness or maybe it was a symbol of spirituality.  I’m no dream interpreter and I have never even thought twice about writting or thinking about my dreams.   This one just seemed to jump out to me.

As in the dream, I am conflicted.  I am angry.  I want evidence.  I lack faith.  I am furious with ignorance and preachers who prey on the uneducated and weak to convince themselves there is a God and a Devil.  I am tired of seeing people go to church every Sunday convinced they need to be exercised of the Devil and his demons.  I am tired of a lack of education and ignorance corrilating to a high rate of religious belief.  (Look at Mississippi.  Ranked #50 in education and employment, Ranked #1 in religious donations)

I have a long road ahead of myself before I am satisfied.  Before I can say for sure how I feel.  For now I can just confirm that I am conflicted and searching.  Stamping out my own ignorance.

Hamburger Helper

Recieved this email today.  Thought I would share.

For the second time this morning I am shitting up the gym.

Last night I ate hamburger helper for the first time in years. It was pure shit going in and coming out.

I vow to never eat this trash again. People who believe hamburger helper is food must live one sad fucking existence. I’d rather eat cat food.

a few details about a blog no one reads

This Blog

This is purely mostly a personal blog.  I never expect anyone else to read too much of it.  Sometimes I kind of hope to gain a following of people who might post a few comments a get some good discussion going and other times I could care less.  The reality is no one really reads personal blogs and I rarely post anything that would entertain or interest anyone long enough to even read the entire entry.  I’m just a guy writing a blog, for free, somewhere on the internet?

Mostly this blog is for me.  It’s an ego thing, mostly, I guess.  No one knows I write here – not my wife and not my best friend.  I suppose there is some creative freedom in that.  I can be myself and reveal all of the most ignorant, shameful, and deepest/shallow thoughts and actions.  Sometimes I can even post something with a certain amount of integrity.  Most of the time I’m just writing a few thoughts as they come to me.   Other times I am obsessed with adding content.  I have no target audience and probably offer little advise or anything that might be useful to anyone.  In any case, I post this entry to say “Hi”.  “Hello there, reader.  Thanks for stopping by.”  Maybe you have had some of these same ideas, thoughts, or maybe you even find something interesting.  I apologize for punctuation and spelling errors.  I can’t afford an editor and I was never forced to study grammar.  If the content seems boring, sorry again.  I never really expect anyone to read this (although I appreciate those who do).

The Author

Well lets see, what can I reveal without being overly specific?

I am in my early mid 20’s.  I graduated from the University of Georgia.  I am an American and a white male.  I have no background in anything too interesting, but I work in IT/Business Consulting and I am a lifelong student of philosophy, economics, and politics.  I have a continuing expanding personal library on those very topics.  I am married and I enjoy travel.  I am constantly struggling with my faith – I guess am somewhere on the outskirts of Christianity, Spirituality, Buddhism, Atheism, or maybe something of my own.  Let’s just say my beliefs are still (de)evolving.  I believe in freedom, liberty, integrity, and property rights.  Mostly, I write to relax and get my thoughts out.  Other than these pathetic details you can learn pretty much everything you ever wanted to know and much more by reading this great blog. In the mean time I answer email here.

A brief history of BlogTruth

I started BlogTruth in 2006.  I had planned to document my college life.  I talked about everything, most of which I was ashamed of by the time I had finished writing about it.  Sometime around mid-2008, I became paranoid and ashamed that the content of this blog would somehow leak into my real life so I deleted about a years worth of content.  Approximately 5 minutes later I regretted that decision so much that I was frustrated to the point that BlogTruth sat untouched until December 2010.  I tossed around the idea to start blogging again and in March 2011, I stumbled upon my old blog – almost by chance and decided upon graduation of college I needed a place to write.  So I added a new header, and posted my first blog entry in almost three years.  Today, BlogTruth, for better or worse, is what you see in front of you.

A quick reference guide to where I’m coming from:

On Religion
My still evolving Political Philosophy
Stuff that I want to do

finding my target

I just got a message from one of my good friends, a room mate in college, who says he is moving to New York City in September.  He is going to work on wall street.  I have to admit that I am kind of jealous.  I spent 10 days in NYC last July and it is probably my favorite city.  It’s true when they say “there is no city like New York City”.

On the other hand I have been reading a lot of blogs, books, and doing a lot of thinking about the “zen” lifestyle.  The parts that have really been hitting home with me are about the “minimalist” and “appreciating what you have” way of thinking.  I mean if I were to live in NYC it would be very easy to get caught up in the rat race that is Manhattan and truly lose “myself”.  I doubt that moving to NYC and working on wall street would really make me happy in the long run – or maybe even in the short run.

I guess my point is – self evaluation.  Making a decision about what really makes me happy.  What makes me content. How I can thrive.  Sometimes I seriously think about selling everything I own, quitting my job, and just traveling.  Working odd jobs to make ends meet and just walking the earth for a while.  Kind of like a journey of self discovery and understanding.  However, when the reality sits in and I find myself with nothing – I wonder how I would feel.  None of this really matters anyways – I own a home and have a wife who would never want to do such a thing, I think.

There are other way to experience the world and work on self discovery rather than dropping everything and leaving.  I guess it wouldn’t have to be that radical.  I mean right now I have been traveling as much as possible and writing – both of which has helped me learn a lot about myself – even if no one reads a word of this. (which they probably won’t)

The key to reaching any goal is to know what you are shooting for and honestly I don’t know what I’m even aiming for.  I know what the status quo tells me to do, but somehow I don’t think those rules where written for me, I don’t think I fit in that box, no perfectly at least.  I guess that is kind of what “growing up” as a person is all about – deciding what to do with yourself.  I suppose I should just be thankful I can worry about such things and my basic needs are well taken care of.  I could be worrying about where my next meal would come from instead.

For now, I’m just gonna try to appreciate the little things and explore when I can.  If I keep doing the big things right – hopefully I will figure things out myself and eventually know exactly what I’m shooting for – and get it.

Alcatraz Island

I forgot to post a picture from my last stop while I was in San Francisco – Alcatraz Island.  You probably know it for the prison history, but it’s much more than that.  Including a breeding ground for the Western Gull, a beautful garden, an ex-fort, as well as a beautiful place to grab a shot of the mainland.  It’s beautiful and reminded me just how much I do not want to go to prison, ever.  If you ever get the chance I suggest you visit.