I hate my Facebook “friends”

I hate my facebook “friends”.  Most of them complain too much, most of them are idiots I knew from high school, most of them annoy the hell out of me, and the few I might actually associate with never use it.  Facebook does do one thing for me though, it reminds me how much I’ve changed in the last few years, how much I’ve learned.  Take this conversation:

I almost actually commented.  I wanted to explain to him that he was joining the military for all the wrong reasons.  I wanted to explain the joining the military isn’t “sexy” it isn’t cool, it’s war.  Its possibly taking another human beings life.  It’s giving up years of your life for war instead of getting an education, instead of fighting and preaching peace, it’s leaving your family and friends.

I wanted to explain how perhaps a non-interventionalist policy was better.  I wanted to go on and explain to him how our country is going into debt because of overspending largely because of these useless wars we are fighting.  I wanted to explain to him how just because a man is middle eastern or Muslim doesn’t make him/her a terrorist.  One person eventually asked why he wanted to join the military.

There were over 100 comments from almost 50 different individuals regarding his choice to possibly join the military.  Mostly ignorant comments praising how “bad ass”  he was for doing so – how he was going to “kill some fucking terrorist” and how “sexy” it was that he would be a military man.   If this is a general consensus of individuals in our country it only confirms my fears of how utterly stupid we are as a nation.  Time to unfriend some Facebook associates…



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I was born in raised in Georgia, now approaching 30. I have traveled to 13 countries and have bachelors and masters degrees in business. I am fortunate enough to call my beautiful wife and daughter family. I've been writing here since 2011.

2 thoughts on “I hate my Facebook “friends”

  1. jon

    Scary, man. I hate Facebook too. For me it makes me a little nauseous. Like Zuckerberg secretly transported me back to Jr High School. A few times I’ve considered writing a departure comment on my Facebook page, maybe enter it in the the “What’s on your mind?” field (as if I’d share what’s really on my mind with the strange collection of people that ended up as my facebook friends). But this time I’d tell them all what’s on my mind — if they can handle it: I’m signing off of Farcebook (hey that’s pretty good) — anyone who has the guts is invited to sign-off with me. Anyone who wants to stay in contact and exchange thoughts between the 2 of us, and not with my other 150 ‘friends’ most of whom you’ve never met, send me a facebook message and we’ll exchange real email addresses. One week from today is liberation day, no more facebook.”
    How about that?

  2. Atticus Finch

    Yeah, I think eventually something will happen and there will be a mass exodus from Facebook. Starting with me, haha.

    Its really a trap to gather too much information about you and to listen to too many dumb comments. If I want to feel disgusted with the human race I just log on and read a few comments.


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