a Life Changer

My best friend’s fiance was shot in the back a few days ago. The bullet grazed her spine and she may never walk again. They were to be married in the next year. I’m still in disbelief.

It could have been anyone. It just shows that nothing can be taken for granted. Nothing. Not a walk down the street, not a single healthy breath, and certainly not a day of being “normal”. I take for granted so much, but how can I. My mother and now my friend are in wheelchairs. They can no longer function below the waste. It’s a life changer.

Things like this, that hit so close to home, are the events that make you take a step back and breathe a little slower – and really appreciate the little things. My stress is bullshit.

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About Atticus C.

I was born in raised in Georgia, now approaching 30. I have traveled to 13 countries and have bachelors and masters degrees in business. I am fortunate enough to call my beautiful wife and daughter family. I've been writing here since 2011.

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