My Friend

My friend sent me this email of complaint:

In that comic I sent you,

It got me thinking about the time I helped Shat move. Guess what. That mother fucker literally, really wasn’t packed. We had to pile all his shit up into boxes, just shoveling the pure shit and trash, separating it between what went in a dumpster and a box to go to the new house at the same mother fucking time. The POS crap he called furniture was falling apart as we carried it into his new house.
And his wife was a massive cunt the entire day. Did I mention his wife is a fucking ugly, hairy troll with a fat man belly, a hairy lower back and a fucking mustache? At the end of the hot, exhausting day, I was offered fresh, hot pepperoni pizza and beer and I just FUCKING WENT HOME! And it wasn’t even budlight and little caesars. It was fucking SAM ADAMS and Mellow Mushroom.
Oh, and Shat was a argumentative dick wad with his dad the entire time. The same dad who had bailed him out of thick and thin, and pretty much every fuck up you can imagine. Seriously, Shat should probably be in jail and on a sex offender list somewhere, BANKRUPT and DESTITUTE.
I live and breathe to quietly shove my awesomeness down his mother fucking throat. Someday I will be making bank, I’ll have a masters degree and I’ll be so ripped his wife will be dreaming of me while she’s fucking his skinny dick. That’s all I want in life. To make him feel dead inside.
Cunt bag douche wad micro penis teenage girl fucker.

I think he might have problems, what do you think?

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I was born in raised in Georgia, now approaching 30. I have traveled to 13 countries and have bachelors and masters degrees in business. I am fortunate enough to call my beautiful wife and daughter family. I've been writing here since 2011.

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