We had a talk

Last night my wife and I sayed up until 2am just talking.  She actually listened to me.  Usually she drowns out my thoughts on philosophy and religion because she says I make her “question” what she believes and what comforts her.  She will willingly admit that she would rather remain blissfully ignorant rather than be rattled by the viewpoints of a different idea.  I respect that she admits it, but I can’t accept that.

Last night, though, we actually talked for quite a while.  I eased into the conversations a little more than I normally do.  That technique seemed to work quite well.  Maybe I should do that more often rather than just throwing my ideas on her so abruptly.

I talked to her about some of the flaws I felt were in the bible and organized religion in general.  We talked about the nature of God, time, and space.  We talked about our families and we talked about us.  In the end when I was ready to go to bed she actually wanted me to stay up and talk longer.  So I did.

This morning she didn’t complain about not sleeping well and she even looked refreshed.  I also slept well.  Today we both woke up in a pretty good mood and we made love earlier.  Maybe we should try just talking more often. And maybe I should try inserting my thoughts on to her a little more gently – especially when they are radical to her.

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