The Truth

The truth is I stayed up until 4am tonight thinking about my life. I wrote, made list, read articles, and thought. Eventually I decided that everything would be okay. I decided to try to enjoy even the smallest things in life. I decided to enjoy the wind, grass in the park, a morning cup of coffee, and spare time I have to write silly posts like this.

In the end, every second counts. The trick is to remember that and to apply it to life. The trick to living a happy life is to remember to be happy. That’s all.

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About Atticus C.

I was born in raised in Georgia, now approaching 30. I have traveled to 13 countries and have bachelors and masters degrees in business. I am fortunate enough to call my beautiful wife and daughter family. I've been writing here since 2011.

One thought on “The Truth

  1. jon

    I really agree with this. It seems to me that if you can’t really enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning (and the wind and grass – except I don’t have a lot of grass around me 🙂 ), no material success is going to magically bring you happiness.


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