Rough Week

It’s been a rough week.  I’ve been in the process of buying a house and slammed at work.  Unfortunately the stress from going over my finances, getting a home inspection, lining up a mortgage, budgeting, and all of the other numerous stresses that comes with buying a home it has effected my at work.  Not to mention I’m SLAMMED at work – we recently had 3 people leave the firm.  They were all on my project.

On one hand I think – “why stress, life’s pretty good.”  I mean I have a good job, I’m about to buy a home.  I am about to go to San Francisco for work for two weeks and my wife gets to come.  All is good.  On the other hand the only thing I can think is about the stress.  Buying a home is going to drain my savings, because I am buying a home I have little money for the next couple of months for much else and I am stressed about trying to over achieve at work.  I know I shouldn’t stress so much about work, but it’s just in my nature to try to excel.  It really bothers me if I’m not the “best” at what I do – why am I competitive?

I think I need to just learn to slow down and take it easy.  Take it one step at a time.  I get caught up in this rat race and move too fast.  Just slow down and enjoy life, slow down and enjoy life, slow down and enjoy life…  I need to help my wife learn this lesson too.  Hell, I guess things are pretty good – I just have to get over this little bit of stress.


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