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Racist – Why I Dislike Blacks

I’m not racist, but I feel like it sometimes.  Especially recently.  I have been searching for a new place to live since my wife has a new job – everywhere we look we see one common theme.  Black people ruin real estate markets.  Every neighborhood we looked at that had cheap real estate prices – I would never live in – and was full of black people.  Not the good kind either, but rather the kind that watched too many rap videos growing up and somehow developed the belief that being a productive member of society made them less black and more “uncle Tom”.

Seriously though, what’s the deal?  Why are so man black areas so bad?  Not just in this country, but look at the general population of black people on the planet.  Africa to Detroit – would you want to live in any of them?  I wouldn’t.

And blacks can’t just cop-out and blame it on white people (or any other race).  Black people are making it all over the place and Africa is all black and they still can’t get their shit together.  On top of that Blacks aren’t the only people that have been persecuted in the past.  Ever heard of the holocaust?  Jews make up some of the most wealthy and productive members of society.  Hell Asians are born into a population where being 1 in a million means there are about a million of you…but they make it out fine.  Would you ever be afraid if you saw an Asian or Jew crossing your path in an alley at night?  No.

Individually, I know some great, great black people.  Hard working, decent Americans that I am proud to call my friend, but collectively blacks have a serious problem.  What’s worse, I even know some black people who work great jobs, banking, accountants – that when around their friends turn into gangsters.  In an interview they speak perfect English, around friends they turn into lil’ Wayne and the Ebonics come out in full force.  Their whole attitude changes!  And it is socially rewarded!  Why? Is it a social disfunction?  A lack of a clear role model for young black men and women?  Something else?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that I am tired of black people ruining areas around the city.  I’m tired of this “gangster” mentality.  I’m tired of this attitude being socially rewarded among blacks – of all social and economic backgrounds.  I’m tired of not being able to live in an area close to my job in the city because over 50% of the real estate is either reserved for the projects, depressed, unsafe, or too expensive because white people actually live there.

So, black community, who is to blame?  Whites?  Society?  No.  Blame yourselves, take responsibility, and fix it!  Is this racist?  Only if it wasn’t true!

UPDATE: No I really do not dislike black people. Sorry if this offended anyone. It’s just what I was thinking, I guess I was in a mood.

Life and Work

I’ve was stressed as hell over the last couple of weeks, but even though I’m just as busy (maybe more) this week I feel a lot better.  There is no real rhyme or reason to it other than I’ve just been feeling pretty good.  I think its just been getting adjusted to the new client I’ve been on.

I’ve been coming in at 7am and hitting traffic on the way home so it was killing me, mentally.  I’ve adjusted now and found time to leave a little earlier and to miss the traffic.  On top of that I’ve found my rhythm  and I’m really getting some work done.  That’s how it always is when I first get to a client.  You have to gather yourself so you can get a move on, I guess.

In other news I’ve been looking for new places to live.  Specifically, I’m thinking of moving into the city – closer to work – and with a view.  I know everyone says that condos are a horrible investment, but I almost think that the market has tanked enough where prices can’t go any lower.  Also, it may be a better investment than just forking over $1000 in rent every month… I have a lot of research to do though before this decision is made.

Other than that nothing really new has happened.  I think I’ve been being a really good husband the last 10 months since being married.  I’m happy about that – I see no reason why that will change.  I still think my parents are lowly.  Yep, looks like more of the same, ha.


When you spend so much time at a place, your whole world revolves around a certain thing – its your life.  Then suddenly something changes and you that place isn’t your whole world anymore.  You come back periodically and it’s pure nostalgia.  A rush of memories hit you. 

I think of the most obscure instances, nothing too important.  Just the things I did routinely.  I remember walking to class everyday, taking the same route.  Even certain odors remind me of a classroom I once spent so many hours in.  I’ve only been out of school a short time, but the feeling I get when I go back is difficult to explain.  Kind of like realizing you miss an old friend that you never made any special effort to see before, but was always around.

I notice new things and point them out to whoever I’m with that would notice with me.  I do the little things I used to do, but now with special effort – just to relive those moments.  Most of the little things stay the same, the faces have changed.  I remember when I first left home for school.  I would come back periodically and kind of feel the same way.  I can understand how my grandparents feel when they see an old coke bottle or a shop that has been there for years.  Those things that stand the test of time become more and more special for those who were around to notice them.

I remember seeing an old tire on the side of the road near where I would run.  I used to think that someone should clean the area up.  Well, it’s still there a couple of years after I’ve gone, but this time I actually felt some pleasure in seeing it was still there.  I don’t know why.  I guess just reliving those experiences remind you of who you are and all of the little pieces of life that make you, you. 

It’s tough to explain how nostalgia feels.  It is kind of a faint feeling of pleasure and pain in your chest, near where love sits.  A little bit of pain mixed with pride and perhaps a little bit of missing those days and those people, places, and the world you used to live in.