Enjoy Life

I have been so stressed this week.  It disappoints me to be stressed.  Not because I am working so hard, but rather because I never pictured my life going this way.  I always saw myself living life with purpose, happy.  Instead I’m on a stressful assignment at work that is literally keeping me up at night, trying to work the details out in my head.  Why?

I think I need to take a few minutes to settle back down, to let it go.  Put work back into its place and realize I am working to live, not the other way around.  Then the irritation compounds because I am disappointed that I am even stressed.  Why am I actually letting something so insignificant effect me this way.

My goal has always been to enjoy life to the fullest.  To live everyday without regret.  Through college I always stopped for a moment and told myself, “enjoy this”.  I really tried to capture the moments and enjoy myself.  I think I need to do that again, now.  I was running today and really enjoying it.  The weather was perfect, the trees and grass were beautiful – there was even a scent of sweetness in the air.  I told my self then, not to forget to enjoy myself, everyday.

It’s tough to enjoy life to the fullest when you are on a stressful project.  I guess at this point it comes down to enjoying the little things – or to find  new job.  I’m too much of a coward to quit my job, it’s too secure and pays too well – how can I complain?  I’m not much of a risk taker.  Instead I am going to have to learn how to enjoy life in a different way.  Cherishing every moment of free time, every glimpse of something beautiful, and every break.

Work hard, but enjoy life.  Leave work at work and prioritize accordingly.  I only have one life and I need to be SURE to enjoy it.

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About Atticus C.

I was born in raised in Georgia, now approaching 30. I have traveled to 13 countries and have bachelors and masters degrees in business. I am fortunate enough to call my beautiful wife and daughter family. I've been writing here since 2011.

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