why i DO believe in God

I grew up in Church, on and off.  My family is pretty religious.  But me, I’ve always had my doubts.  I believe in science, I believe that everything can be explained.  Most things that we can’t explain I assume we just haven’t found a solution yet.  I mean, we used to think the world was flat, the Sun was a God, and plagues were and act of demons – now solid science have shown us the truth. 

One thing, however, has led me to believe that there is most likely a God.  A creator.  My argument isn’t for any certain religion, but just the simple argument that there is in fact a God. 

My logic relies on my (limited) knowledge of mathematics.  The concept of infinity.  I think of time, that it must have started somewhere.  There must be a beginning, because if time went back forever (infinity) then we could never get to the present.  Thus if there is a beginning, time and space coming from nothing – there must have been something beyond time and space that brought all of this “stuff” into existence – I think that is God.  God brought us into existence – something from nothing.

That is of course, unless my linear understanding of time and space is accurate.  Who knows, but my logic above feels right to me.  If you know differently I’d love to hear about it.

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