The Map in my Closet

I put up a map in my closet.  I bought little pins to mark all of the places I have traveled.  It was satisfying and it was revealing.  I want to see so much of the world, but the places I have been mostly make up a small portion of the eastern United States.  I’ve only been out of the country once (twice after next week).

It’s kind of an interesting thought that there are people in some place I have never been, never even thought about, never even heard of – living another life.  They know all the local places to eat, most of their families live nearby, and it’s their life. My counterpart in another part of the world I guess.  I want to be able to go to those places and have those experiences.  There is just so much more than this small piece of land, although I am thankful of what I have here.

When I travel, I try not to do just the touristy things.  I make an effort to go to local restaurants, not just the ones everyone has heard of.  I try to talk to the people – get to know the place…at least as much as you can in a week or two.  I think I love travel so much because it is the easiest way to remember you aren’t the only one out there.  I am not the only thing to account for on this planet.

I mean, someone is fighting a war in the middle east.  Someone else is worrying about radiation in Japan.  Someone is sitting on their patio enjoying an ocean view.  I’m sitting at a desk in a room typing this.  The variety (and similarities) just amaze me.  People are so different, but at the same time just the same.  Someone has already said that before…

I do not really have any brilliant and unique ideas.  Probably nothing original to say.  I just want to do my best, I want to contribute.  I just think people would be a whole lot better of if they remembered for a second that they share this planet with a few billion other people.  I want people to teach me about their lives and I can do the same.

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